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A Fine Arts and Safe Learning Space. "Find your path...or make one".

About Me

I started the Femi Studio to capture and share my belief that aligning our spirit, mind and body with purpose and love sets the stage for any and every magical manifestation of you and me. Femi means "love me" in Yoruba.
As an artist, engineer, spiritual advisor, writer, and poet, I am only beginning to explore the possibilities.
Will you share this journey with me?
What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
I hope my art, clothing and writing inspires you to answer the questions.
Welcome to The Femi Studio.


The energy within us that connects us to the earth, the sky and everything in between.


The "stuff" we use to reason, analyze, plan and articulate that which we feel we must do in the world.


The physical manifestation of what we sense and what we have decided to do.

My Fall Art Eperience was wonderful. I am grateful for everyone who shared their Sunday and their love. It was a magical day.


The Femi Studio offers images, words, and classes to those in search of food for their Spirit, inspiration for their Minds and exemplary adornment for their Bodies. All the expressions of my creativity are grounded in these three areas.
We are besieged with quick fixes and fast food, yet we are still broken and hungry. My hope and driving force is to add a lyric to the many songs born from the Handmade Community that fills us and keeps us whole.
Will you sing with me? Will you add your verse?

Inspirational Art

Paintings and posters that capture the magic and hope of everyday moments.

Yoruba Art

Paintings in pastel and acrylic of stories depicting natural energies and forces identified by the Yoruba as Orisa. The Orisa provide guidence to everyday life through the sharing of stories and the translation of their meanings.

Poetry|Meditation Books

Words begin where images end. Here, poetry and prose are crafted to generate lasting impressions and promote discussions of the heart.


From flowing skirts both short and long, to Men's scarves and matching cellphone holders, I have something for everyone that says "I am special".


Here are a few examples of my work. Please do not download to use for publishing or revenue generating purposes. A cool desktop image? No problem. Enjoy! To order original art, prints, and books, please select the "Order online" button. Clothing is on its way!

Inspirational Art


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    Interview on Reston African American Legacy Program

    Comcast Channel 28 hosts the Reston African American Legacy Program on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM EST. It's a wonderful showcase for local dignitaries, entrepreneurs, artists, writers and clergy of African American descent to share their contributions to Reston's cultural tapestry.

    Rev. LaVerne Gill was gracious enough to select me as the featured artist for this season. So exciting!

    Artist: Ayodele Carter-Davis
    Category: Media spot

    Yoruba Art


    Poetry | Meditation


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